Welcome to #SoftwareResilience. This site/newsletter was meant to be a journal for the highlights and key findings of my academic journey in the fields of Open Source Software Engineering and Software Resilience. In 2018, I started a PhD, trying to identify the key elements that make Open Source Software projects resilient. 5+ years later, I have not (yet) gotten my PhD, but I have a better idea of how software and resilience are connected. In September 2023, I completed my Ph.D. 🖖 and now I can finally tell you “all about this journey” 🤓.

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As you can already imagine (or judge from personal experience) resilience in software is a very complex concept. To approach it, we need to be able to examine software (open or inner sourced, it doesn’t make that much of a difference) from different perspectives. Source code is one perspective. Business and legal aspects are two other perspectives. The people building the software (the employees of a company, the community of open source software projects, and so forth) is another perspective. There are more!


In general, the topics on this site/newsletter will revolve around:

🗻 Software Resilience for Open or Inner Source Projects
🛠️ Software Development (i.e. software quality, coding standards, documentation, etc.)
🌀 Software Processes (i.e. agile methodologies, software development lifecycle, etc.)
🧑‍💻 People (i.e. collaboration, leadership, management, etc.)
🧠 Ad-hoc stuff, I find interesting (my substack, my rulez!)

I am also thinking of making use of the notes section to share with you interesting resources and references I come across occasionally. I will be happy to engage with you in a conversation via comments (either on the posts or the notes) and have the chance to learn from your comments and insights 🙇.

A couple of things about me

I am Apostolos, an engineering leader “made in Greece”. I am currently based in Thessaloniki (my hometown) serving as an Engineering Manager at InstaShop, a leading company in the field of quick commerce and part of Delivery Hero. Before that, I served as an Engineering Leader in companies and institutions like the European Commission, Toggl, A.U.Th, C.E.R.T.H., HELLENiQ ENERGY. I have also co-founded and served as CTO at Social Mind, an e-commerce and digital marketing agency in Greece, from 2014 to 2022 when I exited the board of directors and stakeholders. The agency is still around and growing 💪. I hold a Ph.D. in Software Resilience and Software Engineering, which was the motivation for this site/newsletter in the first place.

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